Thursday, December 29, 2011

Finally I can show you!

A finish! I stitched this for my mom quite some time ago but just finally sewed it up and sent it to her. She got it today(even though I sent it last week Wed. or Thurs. PRIORITY MAIL. ahem.) anyhoo.. here it is. She loves teddy bears. :)

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas! Ours was really nice. The kids and I went church after we opened gifts, and by the time we got home Rob had Christmas dinner/lunch just about ready. It was delicious! Then we just spent the rest of the day relaxing. :) Ginger had fun opening her first Christmas presents, but she didn't care much about the presents at first, she'd just keep the paper in her mouth and take off with it!
I am finally making some progress on Beach Cottage.. I haven't worked on it yet tonight, but here is my progress as of last night-
Please excuse the wrinkles!
I have another pattern to give away- this is the pattern-

Sorry the photo isn't so good-I had to find one online because the one I have has one of the houses cut out of the front?! (someone gave me the pattern) Anyway, all the patterns are intact.:) So if you are interested just comment on this post and mention that you want to be entered in the giveaway.. and please leave an email address. Thanks!

and you know I have to post a picture of Ginger- before Christmas she was into the presents under the tree quite often, and after she kept going under the tree and getting ornaments off the tree and chewing on them(if we didn't catch her right away), or just running around the tree.. anyway- here is one of the times she got caught. ;)
Thanks for stopping by! :)


Laurie in Iowa said...

Awww... Ginger looks so sweet under the tree... but she does have a 'bit of the devil' look in those Corgi eyes.

Veronica said...

Cute teddy pillow you've made for your mum. Beach Cottage is progressing beautifully. LOL! Ginger is so cute!


Margaret said...

Lovely pillow for your mom! Love your Beach Cottage progress too. Love the pic of Ginger. She looks so guilty! lol!

Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

Ginger is growing fast. Lovely stitching. Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy New Year, may it bring you gifts of joy, health and happiness and lots of stitching time for you.

Sue said...

Love your Mom's pillow! Very cute! I like your Beach Cottage, too. Is that CCN? And Ginger, well, she's adorable but looks like she's full of antics!

Ivana said...

Beautiful embroidery and beautiful dog! By the new year I wish to taste a lot of embroidery and other needlework.

Vickie said...

Love your finish. It is so sweet!!! Your puppy under the tree is way to cute!!

Siobhan said...

Sweet finish! Ginger is adorable!

Happy new year!

Brigitte said...

Such a cute little bear for your mom. And some nice progress on the Beach Cottage.

Deb said...

Nice finish on the bear!
Love the way your blog is set up, Deb

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