Friday, December 02, 2011

Giveaway winner!

Well, I have never had just two people enter for a giveaway, and I didn't want to do "eenie meenie miney mo", so I wrote "G" on five slips of paper(for GoldenAngelsWorks) and "J" on five slips of paper (for Judith) crumpled them all up separately, shook them in my hand, and picked one without looking.  And the winner is.. Judith in Germany! Judith, please email me at with your address and I will get it out to you soon! 
And don't be sad Golden Angel, I have another book you might be interested in- I will email you.  If you don't hear from me by Sunday, email me at the above email, I am having trouble emailing people via blogger links.  Thanks!
That's about it for now- have a busy weekend ahead- going to visit with my friend Mandy tomorrow, maybe work a little more on puppy-proofing the house, taking the kids to the city's Christmas parade, then Hanna and I are going to see her friend perform in "The Nutcracker" tomorrow night. :) Sunday is church, then Rob and I are going Christmas shopping! Early for a change! Hope to get a bit of stitching done here and there, and have something to show you on Monday!

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