Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Jane Austen-inspired necklace and other stuff..

I found this locket with this lady on it at Michael's the other day- it was the last one on clearance and I knew I had to have it.. then I found this other pendant on clearance as well and picked it up too- originally I was going to hang them on a chain but couldn't find the right one, then I thought about ribbon and I found this today at Michael's when I went for some needles- and there you go!
Sometime I would like to try making my own pendants and charms- they have the supplies to do so- but this will do for now. :)
I have taken on a new project- (actually 3 but I am taking them one at a time).  A good friend of mine from church used to stitch and had started one or two projects, and had the supplies to start another, but found she could no longer stitch comfortably so she asked me to finish them, and being a stitcher offered to pay me, since she knows how much time goes into them! This is the first one I am working on-
It's from an old 80's leaflet- I'm not sure of the name cause the pages she gave me were torn out of it- but this particular pattern is called "Star Gazer." I just found some stitches I am going to have to frog but I did stitch a little on it- the only part I have stitched was the rose and some of the stitches around it.. the rest is all what she had done already.  This is the first time I will have finished a project someone else has started- it's kind of fun, especially since I like the design myself. :)
I have been working a little on my never-ending ornament "Decorating the House." This was my lunch time project but since I have been coming home most days to let Ginger out(until her bladder gets bigger- lol) I haven't gotten much done. I did finish the snowflakes though and only have the border and beads left to do.  I have also made a little more progress on "Beach House" so I'll post a picture of that soon.
Here is a picture of Ginger- she fell asleep on Rob last night and I thought it was so cute the way she had her paws curled up. ♥
For more pics visit my "Ginger blog" at :)


MoonBeam said...

Star Gazer is amazing, but I can't imagine stitching it!

Nicola said...

Gosh it can't be easy picking up a project started by someone else. Great pictue of Ginger. I love her little pink paws.

Mouse said...

ohhh that is cute one you are finishing for your friend .... and even nicer she knows how much work that goes into each piece ... awww Ginger is adorable in that pose .... its a pity she can't come and play with Bentley :) love mouse xxxxx

Margaret said...

Love your necklace! And how nice of you to finish the stitching for your friend! Ginger is so cute! Such a cuddler!

g-girl said...

the necklaces are very you!

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