Monday, August 27, 2012

Awesome mail day!

A quick post before bed to show off the goodies I got in the mail today. ♥ First, I won a giveaway over at Willow Tree Stitcher- Jeanne's blog-and received my treasures in the mail today-LHN's pattern "Hot Cocoa" all kitted up, in this lovely Christmas-themed project bag, a beautiful pincushion, and some shortbread fingers, along with a sweet note on a beautiful note card! Thank you so much Jeanne, it was like celebrating  my birthday early!
ARGH.. blogger does not want to do right so just turn your head upside down. LOL Also got these Starbucks K-cup samples I had forgotten I even ordered so it was a nice surprise. They will go well with my shortbread fingers. :)

Thanks everyone for the advice about the barking- I had forgotten we were using a squirt bottle for awhile- we had stopped cause when we weren't around the kids would squirt her anyway cause she tries to catch the water in her mouth if you don't squirt her where she can't reach.  Maybe we will try again but have the bottle in an adult's care at all times. ;) May also try the coffee can idea, it's worth a shot!

Got the kiddos off to the first day of school today- they were dressed and ready before I even got up! Wonder how long that will last..
I also forgot to post this yesterday- it's kind of blurry but it's a funny little tree that was at our park- it looked like someone had cut it down to a stump and the leaves were growing out of the stump so it looked like a little tree. Will try to get a better photo next time we go.
Well it's late and it's back to the old routine so I better get to bed.. not much stitching progress today- did a little this morning but then had work, dinner, zumba class at the Y- so I will leave you with this one instead.  Fitting for bedtime don't you think?


Chris said...

What a lovely giveaway win! It is so fun to get a package of treasures.

dixiesamplar said...

Great mail day for sure...congrats on the win :o)

Parsley said...

Cute items! I love the light roast veranda blend. ;-)

Sue said...

Wow, what a wonderful giveaway you won! Your lil pooch is so cute!

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