Monday, January 20, 2014

Slow but steady..

Making progress on these projects- here is the Alamo-
And this is on the project I am working on for a friend .. The teacup on top was giving me fits cause I messed up somewhere - but since this picture was taken I think I have gotten it straightened out.
I had to take Ginger to get some shots on Saturday. Usually she is really hard to keep still in the car- she will climb from my lap to the passenger seat. But on the way home I held her in the passenger seat for a couple of minutes and she actually stayed! So I told my son to take a picture. He is not old enough or talk enough to sit in the front seat yet.
She looks like she is posing! Hee hee
DS and I had some quality time this weekend- he had been bugging me to make some gingerbread cookies from a mix I bought so we finally did. Didn't have any icon but they were still yummy, and made the house smell wonderful!
I went to the dollar store this weekend also- to buy some tissues and see if we could find DS some if those bracelet rubber bands.  I took a look at the framed art just for fun and found this- 
Isn't is surprisingly pretty? It's even better in real life because it's kind of shimmery. I'm not sure where I am going to hang it yet.
Now that the days are getting longer again the sun has been setting as I get off work- I love getting photos when the clouds look especially neat. 

Well -that's about it for tonight - hope everyone has a great week!

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Margaret said...

Your stitching is looking great! Ginger is such a cutie - your DS did a great job with the photography!

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