Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow day!!!

Finally!  I have been waiting for a decent snow ever since we got Ginger- and we finally had one last night. It started out sleeting, and it did for a long time.. I was starting to get nervous that was all we would get.. but those beautiful flakes finally started falling. :)  Now that we live out in the country the roads do not get the salt treatment that we are used to in town, so it was not safe to drive to work, and I got a snow day! And to make it even better our kids had a snow day yesterday, and dd cleaned pretty much the whole house so I was able to relax today. :) I admit I was quite lazy and did not get much stitching done.. in fact I am hoping to do some after I post this.  I have just been working on the "Keep Calm" freebie so I can hopefully get it done in time for my friend's birthday. Here is my progress so far-
I was working on it last night and got a little sleepy as right now I am just stitching straight rows of brown. I need to plug away at some more tonight.

And now for a few snow pics-

Please pray for us as I am pretty sure I will have to go to work tomorrow and the roads still are not good, as far as I can see! I think dh will be driving me in the 4-wheel drive vehicle.


Margaret said...

Glad you got a snow day. HOpe the roads aren't bad in the morning. Love the snow pics! Great stitching too!

Lillie said...

Honestly, I would welcome a snow day here too, the snow look so pretty. We are experiencing extremely hot tropical weathers.

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