Thursday, August 14, 2014

A little finish and other updates

Finally have some time to sit and blog- the calm before the storm as it were- soon school starts.  David will start soccer for the first time and Hanna will be going back to her judo classes next week.  It's going to get busy busy busy!

I did get something finished, finally! I finished the little gift for my grandma and mailed it off to her for her new apartment.  She really likes it. I am so glad.  ♥ Here it is-
I really like the way it turned out.  The little kits from the UK stitching mags are so fun. ☺

I am also making progress on the Alamo.  I've been trying to work on it on my lunch break as much as possible, and once in a while at night.  (I have started working on the LK Mystery Sampler again as well.)  Here is my progress as of right now.

I got my third ipsy bag last month.  I am really liking them so far! They always send great products.  
I got some Bare Minerals eyeshadow, a lip stain, some bronzer that was surprisingly natural looking, even on someone pale like me! I also got a moisturizer I had tried previously- I gave it to Hanna cause she liked it and it made me break out. I also got the pink bag in the background as well as a wonderful smelling lotion- citrus ginger.  My bag for August should get here tomorrow- I can't wait!  If you are interested in checking it out click here.

I finally finished Irish Whiskey the other day.  It took me long enough huh? I did stop reading it for a bit. A friend of mine started a book club for a few of us that like to read.  She was reading Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell  by Chris Colfer so we started with that. It was a kid's book but fairly long, and it was actually pretty good! It was about some children and a fairy tale land where they find out what happened to their favorite characters after the fairy tales, but it is a real place in the book. It was pretty neat.  Irish Whiskey was okay. I had read one other book in this series (Nuala Anne McGrail/Dermot Coyne) and I liked that one a little better.  It just seemed as if it took a long time for the story to get going in this one.  I will try some other books in the series sometime.  Now I'm reading The Ranch by Danielle Steele.  So far it is kind of sad but pretty good.  I definitely want to see how the story plays out.

We have been having pretty nice weather this summer.  I don't think it has gotten over the low 90's at all! It has been in the mid to high 80's lately which is so nice.  Usually it is so hot here in the summer.  We have also had some really nice sunsets and some beautiful clouds.

I love clouds. I am sure my facebook friends get tired of all my cloud photos! ☺ There is just something about a beautiful sky out in the wide open spaces of the country.  I just love it. 

And you know I can't sign off without posting some pics of my pups.  If it seems like I post more of Kona than Ginger, it's just because Ginger doesn't like me taking pictures of her, and often she moves or walks away when I try! Silly girl.

And that's it for now. Will post again soon!

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