Thursday, January 14, 2016

Happy New Year!

Hello! I know you all thought I fell off the face of the planet.  I haven't, just been very, very busy.  A lot of changes lately, even before the new year started!  

A short time before Thanksgiving, my husband was put on third shift.  Since he was the dinner-cooker in our family, this made things a little crazier in the evenings, as the kids and I usually go to the YMCA, or my daughter to judo class, or my son to Confirmation class at church. So many evenings are just rush, rush, rush. As of right now we have no commitments on Thursdays.  I didn't have any on Fridays or the weekend either, but my son has joined a basketball team so sometimes we have games on Fridays and/or Saturdays.  

My husband and I also started the 21 Day Fix plan a couple of months ago.  I really like it and it has helped us lose some weight.  We are still following it because we aren't done yet. ☺  Until recently, I had been getting up in the morning and working out first thing.  I need to get back to doing it.  It is tough but I was surprised how it energized me for the day.  The meal plan is "clean eating"- fruits, veggies, meats, anything healthy really, just in controlled portions. We eat smaller meals and snacks but six times a day, so we are rarely hungry.  This too gives you plenty of energy!  Once you get used to it, you don't really want the "junk" anymore and find it makes you feel yucky (for lack of a better word) when you eat it.  

With the start of this plan, and an essential oil class I went to a few months ago, I have started a journey for an overall healthier life.  I was invited to a Young Living Essential oil class by a friend.  I had used essential oils before, here and there... for aromatic purposes, to keep mice away, to help with headache pain..and I was surprised to find out there is so much more you can do with them! I became a member and was welcomed into this awesome community of others trying to support their body systems naturally, as well as keep toxins out of their homes.   Not only does Young Living have 100% therapeutic grade pure oils (see but have cleaners and body care products that have no harmful ingredients.  Did you know you have 2000 pores in your feet? So when you mop with Pine-Sol or some other cleaner and step on the wet floor, you are absorbing those chemicals into your body.  Or your kid's body, or your pet's body, as the case may be.  I have always been a little nervous about the cleaners we use but this really hit home for me.

I am still stitching, though not as much as I used to.  I need to make time for it again.  Here is where I'm at on Chowning's Tavern-  
I want to make some good progress on it and then maybe work on one of my other UFO's.

I am still reading too but haven't read for NetGalley lately.  I hope they don't disable my membership!  I did cancel my Scribd membership for now. It's a great app and has a ton of books, but I have so many e-books saved and so many paperbacks on my bookshelf, I need to read those first.  Though what did I do today? Went to my library to order a copy of Spirit Driven Success  by Dani Johnson.  It was available at another local library so they are going to get it for me.  I just recently found out about Dani through one of my support team at Young Living.  She is amazing! She came from an abusive family, ended up homeless on the street and is now a multi-millionaire. She gives lots of great business advice as well as spiritual and life advice too.  I am not into "motivational speakers" but she is different.  I recommend checking her out when you have a chance.  You can find her at or on youtube.  She has an app as well where you can listen to her radio show.

Well, I think I have gone on long enough, huh?  Thanks for checking in with me. ☺ And if you would like to know more about Young Living's wonderful oils, or about using essential oils to promote your family's wellness, please leave a comment or email me through the "about me" section.  Of course you are welcome to leave a comment about anything else too! ♥

Peace, love, and Corgis-
(My tree is down now, this was from Christmas.)

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Vickie said...

HI Tracey....I love essential oils!!! I diffuse Lavender/peppermint or lavender/lemon in my classroom everyday. I do Young living also!!!

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