Sunday, January 17, 2016

Semi-lazy Sunday..

This picture of Kona was actually taken yesterday- this is where he lays most of the time, on the back of the chaise lounge chair, usually when I am sitting there too.  That blanket came from my grandma's house. ♥ I got it when she moved to assisted living.  I love that blanket, and I love that it came from her, and a place where I have so many fond memories.  Usually it is over my lap. ☺ 

Today has been an alright day- went to church this morning then had to pick up some groceries.  It was a rainy morning so I was glad to get home.  Since then, I have just been doing things around the house off and on.  I started to make dinner and my daughter came in and promptly stopped me because she already had something in mind she wanted to make for dinner. So I let her do it! ☺ I folded laundry instead.  I was feeling a little blah off and on today- had an acidic stomach and heartburn.  I had made a roll-on of Peppermint essential oil and an oil blend called Di-Gize, as well as some almond oil to dilute it.  I rolled it on my stomach and my heart and am feeling much better!

I haven't done any stitching yet today- going to get to that as soon as I finish this post!  Watching "The Longest Ride" too- so far it's a great movie. I haven't read the book yet, which is good. I almost always watch a movie before I read the book it's based on, because the book is always better. ☺

Well- off to stitch!

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Cindy's Stitching said...

the dog pictures is so funny

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