Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snow Day?

Well, the threat of inclement weather has caused the school district to call off school- wondering how the roads will be for going to work tomorrow?  We'll see what happens. 

I have made a little progress on Chowning's Tavern- not as much as I would like, but it's something.
Maybe if the roads are too bad tomorrow I can get stay home and get some more done. They did salt the roads so we'll see.

I was so excited to get the Dr. Bronner's Castile soap I ordered from Amazon today. (Thank you Bing Rewards for the gift card!) There are so many things you can make with it and there are no toxic chemicals.  The first thing I made was some foaming hand soap.  It was so easy! I had a foaming hand soap container I got from a friend.  I filled it 1/3 of the way with the Castile soap, added a few drops of Young Living Thieves oil(it has antibacterial properties and smells great), and filled the rest of the way with oil.  Easy peasy! 
Next I am going to make DIY dishwasher detergent, but I am waiting on the citric acid I ordered, also with a gift card. (Thanks, Swagbucks.) Also on the list: face wash, regular dish soap, and maybe shampoo. It's so fun!  And healthier!

I finished a really good e-book recently, called Under The Ice by Aaron Paul Lazar. I think maybe it was offered for free on Amazon at some point. It's the 9th book in a series about a man named Gus LeGarde. It was kind of like a cozy mystery, but also like a regular suspense book.  I am looking forward to reading the others in the series.  It was a good time of year to read this one as it took place in the winter. ☺  

Well, I better get to bed- in case I do have to work tomorrow.

Good night!


Cindy's Stitching said...

I hope the weather isn't bad by you. I use bonner to. have a good weekend.

Mylene said...

Hope weather's been good at your end.
Happy weekend!

Vickie said...

I love to make things with my oils!!! I keep Peppermint/lavender/stress away and lemon in my classroom. I have kids who will come to "get their smell on". I let them because it is all natural. I actually had one take my empty bottle of peppermint just so he could smell it all day.

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