Saturday, April 03, 2010

A lot of pictures, but none of them stitchy.. and a shout out to Tammy!!

First, Tammy, please email me at as you won the magazine giveaway from the previous post.. thanks! :)

My stitching has been slack this week, but I have lots of spring pictures to show.  Rob and the kids bought some flowers the other day and planted them while I'm at work-

That kind of gave Hanna and I the "flower bug" so we were at Walmart today and looked at these-

The ones on the right there- the woodland phlox- had such a beautiful smell- I bought some of those, and a pansy plant for Hanna, and some viola for my desk at work- will have to take some pics of those tomorrow. :) Next time you are at your local Walmart, or Lowe's, or wherever there are flowers- be sure to take time to stop and smell them.. you won't be sorry! :)
Hopefully I'll have some stitchy pics soon- I didn't do any stitching last night after all, just sat there like a bump on a log- and if I don't get off of here soon I will be doing the same!! Everyone have a wonderful Easter!


Carolyn NC said...

Lovely pictures!

Cole said...

Great pictures, Happy Easter!

Mylene said...

Beautiful flowers!

A happy Easter to all.

Myra said...

Gorgeous flowers. Happy Easter!

Babs said...

What a beautiful surprise to come home from work to! All the flowers are so pretty!

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