Thursday, April 15, 2010

Updates and some more garden pics-

First a TU SAL update-
I haven't posted and Sense & Sensibility progrss for a while- sorry for the oddball picure-
And now for some more of God's beautiful creation!
and here is one of the buildings next to the castle- I can't remember for sure what it was- maybe the kitchen? (We didn't visit it that day.)
And last but not least- the kids in the guard station!
I should've used the zoom feature! Stay tuned for more pics (I hope you're not bored with them yet)- and don't forget to enter my giveaway for the LK flip it if you haven't already!  Please leave your comment only on the giveaway post if you want to be entered! Thanks!


Margaret said...

Love your Jane Austen WIP -- that series is so pretty! Nice garden pics too!

Barb said...

OOhh progress on S&S will be watching for a happy dance there lol. I have a Hd on my blog if you want a look.
I am now stitching At Home with Jane Austen.Have you got that one.

Sue said...

Your JA is coming along beautifully! Nope, not getting bored with the pics... I love 'em!

Micki said...

Your Jane Auten piece is really looking great!

Lois said...

Your Sense & Sensibility is coming along so nicely! What lovely sunny pictures! It's so nice to see the sun, isn't it.

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