Friday, April 29, 2005

Life with baby

Is fun, but tiring!! Thankfully Rob can sleep thru the TV. Usually I hate having the TV in our room, but it has been nice during night-time feedings. I have been watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I've been pretty good about sleeping when the baby sleeps, but didn't get my nap in today.
I can't believe week 3 of my leave is almost here. I am most likely going back part time week 4, and I have to say even though I enjoy my job and love my co-workers, I am not looking forward to going back. I have enjoyed my stay-at-home-mom time. But due to money mistakes we have made, I can't afford to stay home. Boy am I kicking myself now. At least I have found a good friend to watch David and Hanna this summer, so I won't have to put him in a daycare environment right away.
Oh well.. better get going.. have dinner to make, and a baby to wake. LOL

Thursday, April 21, 2005

David is here!

And already a week old! I am a little slow in posting.. let's blame it on lack of sleep. I was having pretty rough contractions last Wednesday, they were still far enough apart that the hospital didn't advise coming in, but I went and got checked anyway. They admitted me and about two hours later David was born. :-) Unfortunately they thought I did NOT want an epidural and I didn't find out until it was too late.. but he may not have been born as quick if I had one I suppose. ;-) Will post more later but wanted to check in!

Big sister Hanna and David Posted by Hello

David sleeping on Grandma- he is still sleeping more than awake! ;-) Posted by Hello

David sleeping on me :-) Posted by Hello

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

7 more days..

Hopefully less? Have a doctor's appt today so we'll see what he says..
the weekend was ok, Saturday we stayed home for the most part, grabbed a bite to eat in the evening and went and got a few things at the grocery store..Sunday went to church and took Hanna to a b-day party in the afternoon.. it was at some stables and the kids got to ride horses. She had a great time and rode as much as they would let her. That night Rob cooked chicken on the grill as well as meals for this week, which will help me out a whole lot!
The baby's Orange County Choppers outfit came yesterday- it's really cute. Wouldn't be surprised if Rob wants me to bring that to the hospital to have him wear home. LOL

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Friday, April 08, 2005

Doctor's appt. today

Today the doctor measured me and said the baby at this point probably weighs 7 1/2 to 8 pounds.. she said at my appt. next Tuesday if I am dialated at all they may "help me along." I'm trying not to get my hopes up though.. I could go and not even be dialated at all.. we'll see...

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

progress as of 4-7-05 Posted by Hello

Great mail today!!

WOW! Got two great packages from one of my stitching friends today- got lots of overdyed threads, fabric, groovy patterns, tuck pillows, a Stitching diary/organizer, and she sent things for the kids as well! I am in stash heaven!! Looking forward to a night of playing with threads and stitching, after my butter pecan ice cream.

OK so this little guy isn't eating ice cream but I thought he was cute. lol

Still here!

Just been busy and tired these past couple of days.. when it comes down to being on the computer or putting up my feet and stitching I choose the latter.
I did get some done on my flip-it last night, will post a pic later.

Only 12 more days til my due date, I hate to say it but I am getting impatient! I guess I was spoiled a bit since Hanna was almost 3 weeks early. And I go from excited to scared to worrying something will go wrong.. and then back to excited again.. ah the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy!

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Monday, Monday

Not too bad of a Monday actually, as far as Mondays go..will start a new ornament today, I'm thinking maybe out of one of my British stitching mags, since I have yet to do any projects out of any of them..
Weekend was OK, did some work around the house on Saturday and got some R&R time in too.. went out for sushi that night.. YUMMMMM Sunday Hanna and I went to church, had a meeting afterwards..then came home for a minute, went to grab some lunch etc.. I took a nap later. Not too much exciting, but fairly relaxing.
I've been thinking the baby is going to make me wait til my due date, though I did feel some pressure in my belly today, felt more weighted down than usual. We'll see what happens..

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T-shirt progress as of 4-3-05- didn't get as much accomplished on this as I wanted- was too darn sleepy! Posted by Hello

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Progress on L*K Oct. flip-it as of 4-1-05 Posted by Hello

Confused again...

I have tried twice to post a pic of my flip-it progress to my blog and it's still not showing up!! I don't understand.
Haven't gotten too much stitching done today yet.. I worked on my MIL's t-shirt again but got sleepy so I took a catnap. Will work on it some more in a minute when I get off this computer. I should get alot done 'cause Rob is playing a game on the Gamecube so I won't be watching TV.
I gave in and bought some larger shoes tonight at Walmart, even though I don't have much longer to go. They were only about $9 and they were cute, may go get another pair once my feet are back to somewhat normal size. Oh well.. will try to post the pic again and then go stitch.

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Counting down...

Only 18 more days til due date.. almost 17..I am feeling ok. My back has been hurting off and on all day, and have had some other aches and pains.. feet are still swollen, but overall not feeling too bad.
I got a wonderful surprise from my grandma today! She knitted a beautiful bonnet, sweater, and blanket set for the baby. It is soooooooo soft!! She also sent Hanna a gift which I appreciated so much. She sent her a little chalkboard with colored and white chalk and Hanna has been having a great time with it. :-)
I also ordered the baby an outfit from Orange County Choppers.. the price was right and dh really wanted it for him. It will be a nice surprise!

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