Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Why is it that every time I get out my sewing machine something goes wrong?  Why? Tonight I wanted to sew up some ornaments, that are already going to be late. I ironed all the pieces and sat down to work.  I placed the pieces of fabric under the needle and as I began to sew- not even one stitch- my needle broke!! And of course I couldn't get the lever to un-screw to get the needle out- Rob will replace it for me later. I hope I have the right replacement.  The more I attempt sewing, the more I see why women send their pieces out to be finished.  I know this is just something minor but it seems like every time I sew something goes wrong!! I am just so frustrated.


Sharlotte said...

Do you know where the eye of the needle went? I was asking because you might check to see if it has a burr on it. That can cause the needle to break sometimes.I know the frustration of which you speak! I wish we lived close , I'd let you use mine. ;) Hopefully Rob gets the needle changed soon.

Lois said...

I hear you Tracey! I can have very similar experiences when I try to use a sewing machine. Hope you get it sorted. Have a lovely Christmas!

Bizee Fingers said...

Been there too!! It is frustrating isnt it!! I bought myself a new sewing maching last christmas and so far its been a winner, with some operator error now and again ;)
Take a deep breath and try again..its never too late for handmade ornies!!

Jennifer said...

You sound like me. My hubbie threads it through the machine for me and makes the bobbins too.
I'm not a professional seamstress but I tell you it's so expensive to have a finishing done that I'm encouraged to make a shot at it! LOL


g-girl said... poor dear. your machine must've known how much you needed to get those things done and just pooped out on you. why, i don't know. but just relax.

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