Sunday, January 31, 2010

Completion #3 and some progress, and frustration

First, here is Feb. Flip-It Blocks framed- this is the one I am going to put on my desk at work and switch each  month.  I waited too long and missed January. lol I stitched this in 2004! Pitiful, isn't it, that I am just getting it framed.   In my defense, I had "ordered" a frame from my dad a while back and it was the wrong size- not sure what happened- and so it was delayed a bit.  I wasn't in any hurry.  (as you can see. lol)

This weekend was icy and snowy, and I was so excited I had a good reason to stay home, because I needed to frog my HE "Mr. Snow Tired", and I wanted to be able to frog what I had to and still have time to re-stitch what I pulled out.  Well I got quite a bit done- but ran out of WDW Whitewash!! And the threads that sometimes can be subbed weren't close enough this time.  So I have to wait til Tuesday when the quilt shop is open and see if they have some that is in the same dye lot.  I got some there last time I needed it I think so hopefully they will.  And now I think I have messed up on it again- I think it's workable but I want to get the white stitched first and make sure.  So the rest of the weekend I'm going to work on my Mary Engelbreit ornament.

Here are some pics of our snow- not much really but it got very icy so school is cancelled tomorrow.  I would love to stay home with the kids but the 1st is always a busy day for me at work so hopefully the daycare will be open, otherwise Rob will have to take the day off.  The main roads aren't too bad but please keep us in your prayers anyway that we will get there and back ok.  Here are a few pics-
You can tell we haven't shovelled! lol

David trying to hit Hanna with some snow/ice!

I don't know why he made that silly face..



Nancy said...

Your February Flip-It is really pretty!

We got a little snow too - only 2" - but it was exciting!

Carolyn NC said...

Nice flip-it! Sorry about the frustrations.

Lois said...

What a cute flip-it! This will look lovely on your desk. Brrrrrr for the weather! Stay warm.

Mylene said...

The feb. Fli-it is cute! Sorry about the frogging.

FayeRaye said...

I just love Feg flip it!!! We too are iced in so no school for kids or us teachers....Stay safe and warm, Faye

Parsley said...

I really like it but of course what don't I like that you stitch up?!

staci said...

Your Feb Flip-It is adorable...and the frame looks perfect too :)

Hope you are enjoying your snow-day. And I hope it's too cold for any more frogs :)

Myra said...

Your February piece is lovely. I hate to hear the frogs paid you a visit, I hope they have left now for good.

Looks like you and your family had a good time in the snow. We got out and enjoyed it a bit too.

Siobhan said...

Great flip it! YGG! I hope you are able to get the same dye lot. I hate it when that happens!

Great snow pics. :)

Sophos said...

coucou !
J'adore ta broderie !
Je vois que vous avez de la neige aussi ,-)

J'ai vu les autres de la série, dans le post suivant ! C'est chouette !
On les trouve ou, les modèles ? Je ne connais pas du tout !

Bonne soirée !
Et bonne crèpes ;-)
I love your embroidery!
I see you have snow too -)
I've seen the other series in the next post! It's great!
They are found or models? I do not know at all!

Good evening! And good pancakes ;-)


Valerie said...

Great completion, Tracey! The Feb. Flip-it is darling! We too are having snowy-icy weather. Stay safe!

Sherri said...

Hi Tracey! I just discovered that you have my blog on your sidebar. Thanks! What a great idea to swap out the flip-its on your desk each month. Love the snow pics. Stay warm! Sherri

Robin said...

I love the Feb Flipit!!! That is adorable!

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