Friday, February 05, 2010


I have not been this glad it's Friday in a lonnnnnng time.  Work was crazy this week. I got off about a half an hour late every day except today, oddly enough. Probably because it was raining.   It seemed like this week everyone wanted to do business in the last hour of the workday.  I won't complain though - it's job security! Tonight was soooo nice. I got off work and was on the way home when Hanna texted me to let me know they were waiting on a pizza from Papa John's it would probably be about an hour (!).  So I came home, changed into comfy clothes, turned on the 'salsa' radio station on Directv, and boogied around the house catching up on a little cleaning- it was great winding down time believe it or not.  Last night I got off late, did not eat dinner so we could make it to zumba class in time.  When class was over I wasn't hungry, so I got the kids something, they ate most of it on the way home, finished up at home- I took a shower while they were eating-got David to bed.  Then put a load of clothes in the dryer and plopped down in my usual place on the loveseat. I was so drained- didn't eat, didn't stitch- just sat there watching TV.  I was in bed by 10.  So naturally there was a bit of a mess to be cleaned up today, since I did ZILCH last night. lol
But enough of that.. here are some progress pics- first, my "A"- I have finally started on the beading..
And here is one of "Pixie Spoken Here"- I had almost gotten finished with Tink's wings and I ran out of SSS "Daquiri Ice" . Thankfully my mom is mailing some to me that she had- hopefully it will match. So I worked on the lettering in the meantime.

Sorry it's a little hard to see- I took at work- must be those flourescent lights.  If you look closely you can see the start of the letters on the left- I am doing them in WDW Spring Bouquet.  The pattern called for them to be done in white, but my fabric was a little too light.
Well, better go get little man to bed.. I am behind on my blog reading too, maybe I can do some catching up tomorrow. I want to work on my Sense & Sensibility Sampler tonight. :)


Nancy said...

I love your A block! Yours is the first I've seen stitched, and it's very pretty. I have these printed out but haven't stitched them. . .yet! Your Pixie is adorable. Hope you have a restful and fun weekend.

Myra said...

TGIF! I feel like you do. I just wish we weren't getting so much rain. Your "A" looks great. Have a great weekend!

Carolyn NC said...

A block looks great and so does your Pixie!

Mylene said...

Both progress are looking lovely.

We had missed Zumba for these past weeks as the one giving it is sick.
Hope you can relax this weekend.

Deb said...

Both of your WIPs look great!

Carol said...

"A" is looking great, Tracey. Are you doing the whole alphabet? And who can resist Tinkerbelle!

g-girl said...

wow. the a is absolutely beautiful!