Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I used SSS "Daquiri Ice" for Tink's wings- I used my whole skein and only had a small bit left to stitch so my mom loaned me hers. It's quite a bit lighter as you can see- sorry for the crappy cell phone pic-it's really obvious that it's lighter isn't it? What to do now? SSS is pretty hard to come by these days...


blue star stitcher said...

Yes you can see it in the almost looks like its supposed to be that way since it is just the very tip of her wing! I think most people would just think it was supposed to be lighter. It looks fine, and not worth the trouble of ripping it out and searching for the "right" thread.

Catherine said...

I agree with the previous comment. It looks like the tip of her wing.

If I had any of that thread, I'd send you some. Perhaps someone out there will find some!

lenna said...

Could it be frostbite? Wish I had that color in my stash of SSS but I got mine just as the business closed. I think it looks fine.
She sure is cute.
God Bless ~