Monday, May 30, 2011

Finally some finishes to share with you!

I finally finished the letter "I" of the Stitcher's Alphabet. I was almost finished with it and I ran out of beads! Short delay- went to my somewhat LNS the next day and got some. I can always count on her for having any Mill Hill I need!
and here is a bookmark I finished for my friend Mandy-her b-day is coming up. :)
I gave it to her today and she really liked it. :) 
We had a nice Memorial Day-spent most of it with Mandy and her husband and their kids.  We had a great time, as we always do with them! And lots of good food! :) 
But I do hope everyone took a moment, at least, to remember what today is all about.
Those who fought and died for our freedom, and those still fighting today.


Anonymous said...

A very nice finish with the T and your bookmark.


Vickie said...

Very nice Stitching! Love the bookmark and the Stitchers alphabet letter!

Ruth said...

Lovely finishes, well done on them.

Margaret said...

Love your alphabet finish and the bookmark too! That stitcher's alphabet is so much fun -- it's nice to see how they look stitched up!

g-girl said...

your i for ice cream is pretty. so is the bookmark!

Lois said...

What sweet finishes!

Siobhan said...

Beautiful finishes! Great job.

Sophos said...

Hello !
Ton marque page est superbe ;-)))

Bone journée !

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