Saturday, May 21, 2011

finally an update!

I am so sorry it's been so long since I posted- life carries me away sometimes.. I couldn't even tell you all I've been doing, just running here, there, and everywhere- and when I get home I haven't even been sitting down and relaxing until late.  This past week was pretty much a non- stitching week for me- I was just so lazy- but I did get a lot of progress made on "At Home With Jane Austen" last night while watching The King's Speech. My mom and dad bought it for me while they were here in April and I finally got a chance to watch it!  It was so good. I can definitely see it being considered a classic someday years from now.  Colin Firth was amazing in it, and I'm not just saying that because I ♥ him! ;)

While I haven't finished anything since the snowman, I did complete a couple of things since I last blogged.  I had stitched a couple of Mother's Day cards last year for my grandmas, with the intention of making them into flatfolds, and it never happened.  So this year I made them into cards and finally sent them! Rob even helped - he had the idea to make a frame out of one so he measured and cut it for me and everything.  Here they are-

More recently, Hanna had to do a project on a country from a list of countries given by her teacher.  They didn't have Japan(her favorite) so she picked England(my favorite! and her 2nd or 3rd I think). She had to either do an oral report or cook something from that country.  She and Rob looked through many recipes, but either we couldn't get all the ingredients or they weren't convenient to take to school.  So they made my first idea, scones.  They turned out great! She made cranberry orange-
and blueberry-

She did pretty much everything herself- I wisked one thing for her and Rob helped her cut them, so they'd have enough for everyone.  They were delicious! I think I am going to make some in the near future!
More soon- I will post progress on Jane at the end of the weekend! :)


blue star stitcher said...

those cards look amazing, i especially liked the purple framed one

Margaret said...

Love the cards you made -- very nice! Isn't it awful how life can just be too busy for words? That's so fun that your DD picked England and made scones. They look good!

g-girl said...

i really like the mother's day cards. what a great idea! what a cool project to get to do. :)

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