Friday, September 10, 2010

A blog before bed..

Finally some progress to show you.. I have worked on "G" tonight.. it's gotten somewhat put by the wayside due to gifts I was working on, it is all stitched and ready for beads, which I hope to do sometime this weekend.  Given what an easy stitch this was it took me wayyyy too long!
I have also been working on a little one by 4 My Boys called "Wishing Waiting Hoping"- here is how it looks as of right now-

and while I am posting pics here is my TU SAL update- I don't even think I posted one last month!

The other day I happened to look into my ort jar, and thought, this is kind of a pretty angle for a picture too, so just for fun I took one for my update like this:

It has been a relaxing evening- due to a rearranged work schedule Rob was not watching TV tonight, so I had it all to myself after David went to bed-I am watching "The Lord of the Rings-Two Towers". I love all the LOTR movies so much but they are so long I never have time to watch them- and I really like the ents and some of the parts in this one so I decided to watch it.  Though I forgot there wasn't much of the elves and Rivendell in this one and I love them too, so I may watch "Fellowship of the Ring" next time. :) I love them all though, really.
Hanna is at her first lock-in, at a local church.  She went with a friend and from the updates I've gotten it sounds like she is having a great time.  It was for middle school kids only. :)
Ohhhhh well it is really so late here, I guess I better get to bed as I have zumba class in the morning.  Plus there is a cricket hidden in my kitchen somewhere and his chirping is starting to bug me. Hopefully I will have time to finish watching my movie sometime this weekend.. 


Margaret said...

Love your G and your Wishing, Waiting Hoping! That's a cute one!

Myra said...

Looking good Tracey! I have been thinking about watching the LOR movies again. We have them all on DVD but to find 3 hours + to sit still and watch a movie isn't easy. Have a great weekend!

Carolyn NC said...

G looks great and nice start on your WWH. You sound like my DH - while I love LOTR (immensely), he would watch it every night if it were on!

g-girl said...

your G is so pretty! :) what's a lock-in?

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