Saturday, September 11, 2010

a finish and frustration

Well, "G" is finally finished!
I am so happy! It took me much too long to finish this.  I have already pulled threads for "H."
I was stitching "Jane Austen on the Weather" tonight-I am using GAST Hyacinth for the lettering, and ran out wth just a few letters to go! Argh! Does anyone know an online needlework store that only charges actual postage? I don't want to pay $2 in shipping for one skein of thread. lol I know I ordered from one once but I can't remember who it was.. Wyndham Needleworks maybe?


Nancy said...

Letter G looks wonderful! This is such a pretty alphabet.

Babs in Alabama said...

You G looks good! I can send you the hyacinth for no postage if I knew where to send it?? I have more than one in my stash.

Blu said...

G looks great!

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