Saturday, September 25, 2010

A quick finish and other odds and ends

First of all, wow! I have 101 followers! I can't believe it! I will try to have a little giveaway or something soon.. I'll see what I can come up with.  This week I found out my baby David has his first loose tooth!  And immediately I thought of this old Journey's End(aka Sampler Girl) freebie from 2002(?) That's when I printed it anyway.  So I stitched it up quick and finished it as to be ready for the big day.

I know it's not perfect.. it's only the 2nd time I've done a tin and the 1st time I didn't have Vonna's great tutorials! I will get better with practice. :) I would show you the inside too but I am having problems with this weird blogger uploader, it keeps turning my pictures sideways and I can't get it to turn them back.
Let me try a different way-
Oh, and it was stitched on ivory 28 ct monaco(I think) over one with one strand of DMC-
colors used are DMC 310, 817, 809, and 824. The pattern didn't have any recommended colors. I let David pick them.. except for the black for the wheels.. there is actually only three colors for this pattern but I added one more. :)
David liked that his tooth would have a 'bed' to lay on, he wanted to know if it could have a blanket too? lol
I forgot to mention last weekend I went to a clothing swap a church was sponsoring- you brought clothes you didn't want anymore, and you could look through clothes other people didn't want anymore. Or if you had nothing to donate but needed clothes, you could take some for free. I cleaned out my closet and brought a few things, and really got some nice things! I won't bore you with all of them but I did find a fabulous sweater (if it will EVER get cool enough here!) and it was so pretty I took an up close of it-since it was brown but had other threads woven into it-
It looks kind of light since it was under my Ott-lite, but it really is dark brown and has all those different colors in it too- it's so pretty!
I had to drive to a meeting in Raleigh on Thursday- my boss directed me this way I had never gone before- well my husband said we had but I didn't remember it-it was so nice! Hardly any traffic and the scenery was beautiful-

I think it will be especially pretty once the leaves start to turn! :) May have to take a trip that way again- to the Lazy Daizy maybe?
Friday my son's class and some others had a parents' picnic- moms and dads (or other loved ones) got to come eat lunch on the lawn with their kids.  I decided I would take a picture of David to commemorate the day. Well he figured out that when my camera on my phone makes the shutter sound that he could change his face just in time. So I kept thinking I got a picture of him smiling and instead I got this-

Then this-

Then this-

And finally this-

And last but not least- progress on the ornament I've been working on- I haven't been stitching on this every week like I should. I need to get on the ball! But here it is so far.
I really like how the brick stitch looks on this!  Well that's it here- hope you didn't mind all the pictures! I will post again soon. 


ohiofarmgirl said...

What a cute little tooth fairy box...great idea! Dianntha

Siobhan said...

I love the tooth fairy box! Very cute. Nice WIP, too! Your son is a cutie patootie, love the faces he was making for the camera!

Margaret said...

That's so exciting about your son's tooth! Love the box you made for him. Wonderful! Your son is so cute!

Cindy's Stitching said...

what a cute tooth box. I have never seen that.

Carolyn NC said...

Love the tooth fairy box - so cute! Nice pics and of course, you need to go to the Lazy Daizy!

Blu said...

What a cute idea to keep the tooth like that!
If I remember correctly my baby teeth were thrown up onto the roof (in keeping with tradition). And no, the tooth fairy didn't visit me with money. *sad*

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