Sunday, September 05, 2010

This n' That

Hello everyone- I have been remiss in posting again and I apologize. In my defense I did try to post from my cell phone the other day but it wouldn't go thru. I used to be able to post from my phone with no problem, now all of a sudden it isn't working. 
I don't believe I've posted my progress on "Jane Austen on the Weather" ever- I picked this because it's been sooooo hot this summer, and ironically I may not even finish it before the cooler weather hits. But I am sure here in NC it will be hot next summer too. I changed the colors on this one-sorry it's a bit blurry- I took it with my phone at work. lol

I sent the kids of to school the past couple of weeks-David started kindergarten(sniff sniff) this past Monday and Hanna started on the 25th.  And I always take pics of the first day of school so here they are-

I also framed LK's "Count Your Blessings" and gave it to my friend Holly. This is the frame I originally used for my flip-its but I will just have Dad make me another one. :)

I have currently put my other projects on hold to work on something for someone- can't post pictures cause she might see it. :) but I will once it is given.
I am also going to be listing a ton of old stitching mags and leaflets on ebay in the next day or so. I started today but didn't get very far- I have listed a few Cross Country Stitching magazines from earlier in the decade. I plan on doing the rest tomorrow, before ebay's 'free listing' promo is done. lol My ebay ID is hannasmom1198- I may have a link in my sidebar- I don't remember!
Well that's about it here- please don't give up on me, I will really make an effort to post more often. Thanks for reading!


Margaret said...

Your kids are so cute! I've stopped the first day of school pics sadly. Don't know when. I guess sometime before high school. lol! Love your stitchy projects!

Mylene said...

Great pictures of your kids. Wish i can do the same but both doesn't want too.

Lk framed looks lovely!

g-girl said...

goodness. david is already in kindergarten??? wow! how's hanna doing?

Carolyn NC said...

We used to always take pictures of our children the first day of school, too! Yours look adorable- hope they have a great day! Love the JA piece you're working on!

Siobhan said...

Love the first day of school pics! Congrats on the finish, too!

Micki said...

Your kids are adorable! It is amazing how quickly they grow up!

Elaine said...

Aww the kids pictures are lovely. Congrats on your pretty finish.

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