Thursday, January 13, 2011

A new blog and some snow pics

Can you believe it? Not only posting two days in a row, but two posts in one day!!! Thank you to those of you who signed up for swagbucks under my link. I forgot to mention if you get people to sign up under you, you get matching swagbucks for all they get for searching, up to 1000 swagbucks. It helps out alot!

But enough of that, I know some of you don't give a hoot about it! :)
My new photo-a-day blog is up - Here is the link: How Do You Measure a Year in the Life? I hope you will enjoy at least some of the photos I post throughout the coming year. :)

Speaking of photos, here are some of our Christmas/day after Christmas snow. It was beautiful, even if it did cause our power to be out for about 10 hours! :-O

Hope to have some stitchy pictures for you soon!


Patty C. said...

Your Christmas must have been chilly !!!Great photos :)

Margaret said...

Oh, we had that happen too -- power out for so long! Brrrrr! Not fun! Nice pictures!

Maggie said...

Love, love, love the snowy photos!

Ma Teakettle said...

Wow! Your snow pics are great, I love them, it looks cold!

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