Monday, February 21, 2005

By node id do duffy...

I am fighting a cold!! I have stayed healthy this whole pregnancy and now with two months to go I have a cold. :-P Oh well, could be worse. It's really not that bad except for my nose being stuffy. I hate when I can't taste my food - takes all the fun out of eating.
Otherwise today was an ok day, got an incentive check from one of our companies that I totally forgot about, that was a nice surprise. It will help since I'm getting keyless entry put in my car tomorrow. That will be so nice. Having manual locks wasn't so bad when I had a two door, but with a four door is a real pain, and would be even worse once the baby is born.
I decided today I will keep posting my progress on my WIPs on here, maybe I will get more done if I know someone's watching! LOL

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