Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope it was better than mine. No mushy card even. Oh well. The day was ok otherwise, except was hoping for some stuff I ordered in the mail, and it didn't come. Was really thinking it would get here by today. Maybe tomorrow...
Below is a pin I finished Sunday- I actually finished stitching earlier in the week but had to sew it together. The scan turned out kind of blurry for some reason. I like the pin though, I think it's cute. There's a melting snowman one for March. I don't know if they had one for January, I haven't seen one. I'll start on March in a week or so. They don't take long, I think the stitching only took me 2 days on this one, could've finished it in one if I had the time.Well that's about it here.. will post more when I am a little more cheerful. lol

1 comment:

Leeny said...

hey tracey,

i think that pin is super cute, u did a great job on it. and i'm sorry u were disappointed on valentine's day, maybe if u give hubby a hint, he'll surprise u with a belated gift or something. anyways, take care!

eileen :)

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