Monday, February 07, 2005

Happy Monday!

Or at least I hope it will be!! I got some things done this weekend, no laundry left except maybe one load.. have to change the sheets on our beds..
We watched some more movies this weekend- "Sleepover" which was really cute, "Shall We Dance"- enjoyed that one too, and "The Grudge", which was scary and suspenseful but the ending really stunk. I wanted to rent "Vanity Fair" but they were all out.
As you can see I finished some stitching this weekend, got my Cross Stitchery pin kit done too, but I need to iron it and sew it together.. will hopefully get that done tonight.
I did a little online shopping at Super Bowl sales, everything I got was for my Stitching Buddy tho. That's ok, I feel guilty buying anything for myself these days, unless it's supplies to get a project done!
Well, off to get ready for work! Hope everyone has a good week!

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