Thursday, March 31, 2005

Fun day!

I had a surprise mini-shower today!! My boss and co-workers surprised me this afternoon with cake and baby gifts! It was a nice surprise! And they got me things off our registry which helped so much! We got a diaper backpack, crib sheet, gift card, portable wipe container, nursing pads, a really cute outfit with a fire truck on it and a cute little hat, some Mylicon(hopefully we won't need that too much! LOL) a bottle brush, and I think that's it! It was really neat!! Hard to believe only 19 more days!! Til the due date anyway!!

Countdown to baby day!!
Lilypie Baby Ticker

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Progress on Christ in Gethsemane as of 3-29-05 Posted by Hello

Finally finished! Bent Creek Noel ornament from a Just Cross Stitch ornament issue- finished 3-29-05 Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Random Thoughts

I saw a high-speed chase yesterday!! On the way to get Hanna from daycare I saw about 8 police cars with lights flashing, looked like they were chasing someone. I was wondering about it and it was in today's paper- . It should be on the site front page until tomorrow sometime.
Today was dh's birthday- Hanna was so funny- in the car on the way to school she asked "How old is Daddy?" I said "35." and she said "He doesn't have that many fingers!!" So I had to explain to her when you're a grown up you don't show people how old you are, you tell them. lol
Not much else going on, had a dr. appt. today, all is looking ok so far, I start going every week now!! Only 27 days till the due date!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tired Tuesday

oooh I am so sleepy today.. got to get to bed earlier tonight. Stayed up too late last night watching CSI:Miami and a Without a Trace rerun. I'm going to get Hanna to bed soon so I can watch a little TV and work on "Christ in Gethsemane", then maybe turn in a bit earlier tonight. I also need to get my October flip-it kitted up, since I have already done May-August.
Today was fairly mellow, work wasn't too busy.. on the way to pick Hanna up tonight I saw 8 police cars with lights flashing, flying down the street in the same direction. I am curious to find out what was going on tomorrow. Some idiot in a truck was ahead of them and either they were chasing him or he just wasn't getting out of the way. DUH. Some people aren't so bright.
Tomorrow's another pre-natal appointment- after this one tomorrow I start going every week. :-) Hard to believe shortly we will have a new member of our family! I am getting more excited now but scared at the same time.
Oh well.. Hanna's got her pjs on, time for some time to myself!

April 2004 flip-it, finished today! Posted by Hello
(done on Sugar Maple Fabrics Snowflake fabric)

Monday, March 21, 2005

progress on t-shirt as of 3-20-05- an Ellen Maurer-Stroh design Posted by Hello

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Well, the weekend's half over, but yesterday was pretty good..I decided not to finish the L*K flip-it this weekend, but work on the t-shirt instead.. it's slow going but I got a bit more done. Maybe after today's work I will post an update and hope my MIL doesn't read my blog so she will be surprised. :-) I was able to relax quite a bit yesterday, but today I need to finish re-arranging our room to fit the cradle. I also need to go to Walmart, which is oh-so-much-fun on a Sunday- any day for that matter as it is pretty much always busy. But they have the cheapest groceries in town.
This morning my feet were actually normal size and my legs pretty much were too- we'll see how long it lasts. LOL Looks like my feet are already pudging up. OH well.. could be worse.
I see they found the body of the little girl that was missing in FL and that guy confessed to killing her.. this outrages me as he had been arrested 24times on various things.. shouldn't he have been in jail to stay by now?? Well enough said on that scary subject..
off to fold some laundry and get ready for church! TTFN!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Found it!

I found my flip-it! It was in the car, wedged between the center console and the passenger side seat belt buckle. I'm so glad! I got a little stitching in on it today at lunch, going to work on it some more tonight. Since I want to work on the t-shirt on the weekends I will probably get the flip-it done sometime next week. I am so relieved cause I had some scissors and several threads in the pouch with it. Phew!
Not sure what plans we have for the weekend, dh may have to work, I'm not sure. Will probably stay around the house for the most part. I need to get our room rearranged for the baby's cradle. Week 36 is about to begin! Wow!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

LOST: one L*K flip-it in progress!

I can't find it anywhere! I'm going to tear apart the downstairs tonight and see if I can't find it. My pattern and thread and everything was in it. :-( I am so frustrated.
On an up note, has anyone tried the new Tropicana Orangeade? It's awesome! I could drink it all day. I love it love it love it. We got a 12 pack this weekend and there are only 2 left.
I worked a little bit on Christ in Gethsemane last night.. maybe I will post a progress pic later. I have also gotten quite a bit done on my Bent Creek ornament, but just found a mistake that is going to require me to tear out quite a bit. ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHH It figures, when I am almost done. I was working on the border.
OH well.. better get off here and look for the lost flip it.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Week 35 has begun!

It's hard to believe!! Although looking at my feet, legs, and ankles you could believe it. They are sooooooooo swollen, I have one pair of shoes I can still squeeze into- I may have to invest in some of those indoor/outdoor slippers in a large size, to wear until I go to the hospital! Thankfully at work no one sees my feet much so at least it doesn't matter if my shoes match.
Stitching-wise, I finally started the t-shirt for my mother-in-law! Yippee!! It is going to be my weekend project. Today is ornament day. I really want to finish my Noel ornament and start on another! We'll see how it goes.
Well, off to get ready for work..

Saturday, March 12, 2005


Thank God it's Saturday!! It's been a busy week. Hopefully I can get some relaxation time in this weekend since dh is working. I have hardly gotten any stitching done this week- just a few stitches on my LK block and a few on Christ in Gethsemane. I've been so tired in the evenings my mind is saying "Stitch" and my body is saying "Just lay there and veg in front of the TV." LOL Maybe I will check in later with some progress on something!

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Getting ready

This past weekend was a busy one- we went to Babies R'Us and got our stroller/carseat and swing..ate at this great restaurant called the Twisted Fork in Raleigh. It was delicious and our server was great.
We also went to Target and registered- I wasn't going to register since this is our 2nd child, but a friend of mine said I should go ahead anyway so I did. :-) We registered for a lot of clothes but some other stuff too.
Stitching I haven't been doing so well.. didn't get any done this weekend, or last night. I'm taking some with me to work today so hopefully I will get some done at lunch. I finished Wildcard this weekend and am now reading If Looks Could Kill by Heather Graham. It is so good I read thru my lunch break yesterday and didn't stitch at all! So hopefully I will be able to tear myself away today and get some stitching done. lol

Saturday, March 05, 2005

My progress on LK flip it as of 3-4-05 Posted by Hello

OK, this is definitely not the best picture of me. I always blink. But the point is not me, it's the belly, right? lol Posted by Hello

Wow, it's been a week since I posted!

It's been a busy week too- my in-laws were here for a couple of days, it was nice seeing them and they brought me a great x-stitch book! Today should be a fairly relaxing day- have some laundry to do and a little straightening up, but over all the house is pretty clean so maybe I can get some reading and stitching done today. And I don't mind doing laundry so much, when I finish at least I feel like I have done something.
Have a doctor's appt coming up this week, hard to believe I only have about 6 weeks to go, if he comes on time! Part of me can't wait and part of me is so scared. I told a friend of mine the birth of your first child is easier cause you don't know what's gonna happen. lol
Stitching is coming along- didn't get much done the first part of the week cause I was just so tired at night I'd just veg in front of the TV. Have gotten quite a bit more done in the past few days on my L*K flip it, I'll post progress in a minute. Inching along on Christ in Gethsemane too..
Well that's about it here for now.. may pop back in later..we are going to Raleigh tonight to Babies R' Us to get a new stroller. :-)

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