Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tired Tuesday

oooh I am so sleepy today.. got to get to bed earlier tonight. Stayed up too late last night watching CSI:Miami and a Without a Trace rerun. I'm going to get Hanna to bed soon so I can watch a little TV and work on "Christ in Gethsemane", then maybe turn in a bit earlier tonight. I also need to get my October flip-it kitted up, since I have already done May-August.
Today was fairly mellow, work wasn't too busy.. on the way to pick Hanna up tonight I saw 8 police cars with lights flashing, flying down the street in the same direction. I am curious to find out what was going on tomorrow. Some idiot in a truck was ahead of them and either they were chasing him or he just wasn't getting out of the way. DUH. Some people aren't so bright.
Tomorrow's another pre-natal appointment- after this one tomorrow I start going every week. :-) Hard to believe shortly we will have a new member of our family! I am getting more excited now but scared at the same time.
Oh well.. Hanna's got her pjs on, time for some time to myself!

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