Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Getting ready

This past weekend was a busy one- we went to Babies R'Us and got our stroller/carseat and swing..ate at this great restaurant called the Twisted Fork in Raleigh. It was delicious and our server was great.
We also went to Target and registered- I wasn't going to register since this is our 2nd child, but a friend of mine said I should go ahead anyway so I did. :-) We registered for a lot of clothes but some other stuff too.
Stitching I haven't been doing so well.. didn't get any done this weekend, or last night. I'm taking some with me to work today so hopefully I will get some done at lunch. I finished Wildcard this weekend and am now reading If Looks Could Kill by Heather Graham. It is so good I read thru my lunch break yesterday and didn't stitch at all! So hopefully I will be able to tear myself away today and get some stitching done. lol

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