Sunday, March 20, 2005

Well, the weekend's half over, but yesterday was pretty good..I decided not to finish the L*K flip-it this weekend, but work on the t-shirt instead.. it's slow going but I got a bit more done. Maybe after today's work I will post an update and hope my MIL doesn't read my blog so she will be surprised. :-) I was able to relax quite a bit yesterday, but today I need to finish re-arranging our room to fit the cradle. I also need to go to Walmart, which is oh-so-much-fun on a Sunday- any day for that matter as it is pretty much always busy. But they have the cheapest groceries in town.
This morning my feet were actually normal size and my legs pretty much were too- we'll see how long it lasts. LOL Looks like my feet are already pudging up. OH well.. could be worse.
I see they found the body of the little girl that was missing in FL and that guy confessed to killing her.. this outrages me as he had been arrested 24times on various things.. shouldn't he have been in jail to stay by now?? Well enough said on that scary subject..
off to fold some laundry and get ready for church! TTFN!

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