Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Random Thoughts

I saw a high-speed chase yesterday!! On the way to get Hanna from daycare I saw about 8 police cars with lights flashing, looked like they were chasing someone. I was wondering about it and it was in today's paper- . It should be on the site front page until tomorrow sometime.
Today was dh's birthday- Hanna was so funny- in the car on the way to school she asked "How old is Daddy?" I said "35." and she said "He doesn't have that many fingers!!" So I had to explain to her when you're a grown up you don't show people how old you are, you tell them. lol
Not much else going on, had a dr. appt. today, all is looking ok so far, I start going every week now!! Only 27 days till the due date!!

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Jersey Mom said...

Hope no one got hurt in the car chase! Sounds scary! Once I saw one on the Turnpike, they have a few in Newark too, but nothing in my little suburban town.
How's the stitching going? Are you almost done with MIL's shirt? It looks pretty the last photo you posted. Happy Easter!

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