Saturday, December 18, 2004


Got the rest of the packages in the mail today, Christmas cards too!Hooray! Also got a great mystery bag of stitching stuff I ordered from Down Sunshine Lane- if you haven't ordered one yet go get one before they're gone! They're a great deal! If I had the money I would order another one. Just go to .

I'm taking a break from cleaning, but Hanna wants to get on here and play for a bit so I will probably get back to cleaning soon. I want to get it done so I can nap and/or stitch. I was up til 2 am getting presents ready to mail and watching "What Not To Wear." I love that show! Dh taped a couple of them so we watched them when he got home from work. I'm surprised I'm not more tired than I am. It will hit me sooner or later.

Well I better go for now..want to finish the housework :-P So I can stitch.

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