Friday, December 10, 2004

It's Friday!

I am so glad. The past three days at work were sloooooow - I had things to work on but still it went so slow. Had some good things happen tho, one of our companies sent me a bunch of Walmart gift cards for an incentive they were doing, and got some $$ from another one. Can always use that, especially this time of year!
I am hoping to get alot done this weekend, need to clean up the living room, move my stitching supplies so we can move the couch over to fit the tree in the corner. LOL I hope it will fit. I also need to start on my Christmas cards and work on some gifts..and I'm sure dh will want to do some Xmas shopping. We really need to anyway.
I had planned on getting alot done on the Christmas gift I'm working on, during my lunch breaks. Problem was I was reading The Baby Farm by Karen Harper while I ate and then I didn't want to stop reading to stitch. It is excellent. I'm almost finished with it. If you like romantic suspense I highly recommend it. Maybe I will get some stitching done tonight, after I fold some laundry. :-P Good thing is most of the laundry is washed, it just needs to be folded.. so hopefully I won't be washing clothes all weekend!
Well that's it here.. will be back later, or tomorrow...

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