Saturday, December 04, 2004

Oh I am so gullible..

Went to my somewhat LNS today.. as I was looking she kept showing me things that were on sale..I got two Mill Hill Kits, 3 packages of Zweigart fabric, a Brightneedle "Merry Christmas" chart, Prairie Schooler #89 "Village Green", and the new Stoney Creek "Snow Friends by Penny Lane" book. The last I got for 2.95, cause she'll give you $5 off an item if you spend $25. Oh well, I don't splurge that often, and she gave Hanna a free kids kit. :-)
Not much else going on here today, mailed some packages to my mom, took Hanna to McDonald's for lunch and got ice cream at Sonic later. I may take her to the library this afternoon since we haven't gone in a while. Dh has to work this afternoon til midnight so it's been a "girl's day." Wouldn't be surprised if he tries to take the new car to work tho and then I'll be stranded. I'll use the library as an excuse. LOL

1 comment:

Leeny said...

hey tracey,

any investment in stash is always good money spent, LOL.

eileen :)

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