Saturday, December 11, 2004

My Christmas tree is up...

and I have determined one thing. I have too many neat ornaments and not enough room on the front and sides of my tree. My tree has to be in a corner and are there are very few that I want to hide back there! :-(Oh well, Hanna and I managed and I think it looks pretty darn good. I'm glad to have it up. I wanted to have it up last weekend but didn't have time. When I first got it out it wouldn't light(it's fiber-optic) and I was so scared I broke it, cause since I'm pregnant I had to slide it down the stairs in it's box and it got away from me and landed with a thud. Phew. I am so glad it's alright!!
Now I need to decide.. clean, work on Christmas cards or stitching?? I finished The Baby Farm and it was excellent. Kind of left you hanging on one thing but it wasn't a major thing. Maybe I will look up the author and email her and ask her what happened. LOL

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