Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I can't seem to get done with Christmas stuff.. here I have all my cards done, gifts wrapped, and then I need to do the Christmas cards for work. Oh well,I guess I shouldn't complain, my boss and his wife did the bulk of them. And I managed to get the ones done I needed to do during Hanna's Christmas program practice, so at least I didn't have to take them home. Just left them in the car for tomorrow.
I am getting really frustrated stitching these same projects all the time.. I want to start something new, but my stitching consience is telling me no!! And I can't let these two things become UFO's since they are gifts for people. I just need to keep plugging away.. hopefully since this is a long weekend I will get some serious stitching done.. these days I just get so sleepy when I sit still for awhile. It's really quite irritating.

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