Friday, November 05, 2004

finally time to rest

Hanna is watching "Shrek 2"(one of the many things dh bought at Walmart early this morning) and soon I will put her to bed, and watch CSI and/or Without A Trace that I taped last night.. if I can stay awake. I'm not as tired as I thought I would be, but once I snuggle under a blanket to stitch that may change. LOL

Big hugs and thanks to Debbi J. who told me all the computer mumbo jumbo I needed to make my sidebar look right!! Muchas gracias!!

Today was a long day at work again, had lots of running around to do and I am soooooo glad to be home. I'm feeling the baby kick more often now, he/she was really getting a workout on the way to take dh his dinner tonight!! But I don't mind at all. :-)

I haven't gotten much stitching in today, just a teensy bit on the ornament I've been working on, sometimes I feel like I'll never get done!! But I really need to concentrate most of my stitching time on that baby gift.

Well not much excitement going to go veg and watch TV now.. big day tomorrow, Hanna's birthday party!
Good night!

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