Thursday, November 04, 2004

Glad to be home

Ugh. Today work was so crazy.. all kinds of computer errors, calling tech support, and on top of that helping clients too..I so wish it was Friday! Oh well, only one more day.
This weekend we're having Hanna's birthday party-her birthday isn't actually til Monday, but we're having it on the closest weekend. A bunch of 5 and 6 year old girls, thank goodness at least some of their parents stick around! Not sure if dh is going to make it, he might have to work. :-( He might make it to part of it, if they let him work the early shift Saturday.
Absolutely no stitching done last night.. except when I took dh dinner, worked on a Xmas ornament. Got home, turned on a Law & Order re-run since CSI:NY wasn't on til ten(thank goodness for Tivo), and within 30 min. was dozing off on the couch. So I turned it off and went to bed. Told ya I was tired! LOL
OH how could I forget.. had a prenatal appt. today- bloodscreening for birth defects/Down's syndrome. :-{ But also got to hear the heartbeat, 155 beats per minute, but doc said it's still to early to count on that to detect the sex. No worries, have the ultrasound scheduled for the 16th! :-D Well that's my excitement for the day! Hope to get some stitching accomplished tonight.
Have a good evening!

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debbi said...

Tracey - it's been so long since my babies were little I forgot the excitement of being pregnant. It will be fun to read your blog as the days progress. :-)

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