Thursday, November 11, 2004

Mom and Dad are here!

Which is why I didn't post yesterday, was working and doing some last minute tidying up in the house! I am so glad they're here, I haven't seen them since the spring. And Dad is giving us his old computer!! HOORAY!!! It is so much better and faster than this one, I can't wait. He is going to help us set it up this weekend. Not sure what we are doing today, going to the Veteran's Day parade I think.. I have to work for a bit in the afternoon but otherwise am off for the day. My boss and his wife invited us out for dinner tonight- seafood yummmmm- so that should be fun.
Between the 8th and today, not much happened, was just busy getting ready for their visit. I do have to say I had someone say the stupidest thing to me the other day.. I went to pick up a prescription at Target pharmacy.. and I had a gift card, so I asked the lady in the pharmacy if I could use it toward the cost of my prescription..she said "Is there anything on it?" I thought she meant had I used it for anything else so I said that no I hadn't used it for anything yet, and she said she meant was there any money on it. hello. Obviously there is or I wouldn't want to use it for my purchase!! Duh. I just don't get people sometimes.
Stitching-wise I finally finished the green background on my ornament to so hopefully the rest won't take that long. Mom has brought her crocheting, and stitching so hopefully we will get in some good needlework time while she is here!
Well I better go, will pop in as I can while they are here and let you know what we're up to!

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Michele said...

Enjoy your visit with your mom and dad :)

Hugs, Michele

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