Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Well I've done it..

I've joined the blog world.. don't know how much I will have to say.. but no one has to read it if they don't want to, right?
Well.. today is election day here in the US.. wonder how long it will take for us to know who won. I know here in our county they haven't even finished counting the early votes yet- we could vote last week.
But enough about politics! I have almost finished L*K's Sept. 2004 flip-it.. a little behind I know but I don't have October's yet anyway so maybe I'll take this time to go back and do March and April. I will post a finish when I'm done! Was working on a Halloween freebie and thought I was almost done than realized the eyes were supposed to be beads, and of course they are a color I don't have. I need to find out what color they are, then maybe I will just do french knots instead.
Today was a fairly uneventful day at work, and tonight I have to put Avon orders together.. I think I am going to quit after Christmas- lately my orders are so small I end up just breaking even or paying instead of earning. Not worth it, esp. since I will quit anyway after the baby is born. After I put my orders together I will stitch and watch TV.. Law & Order Special Victims Unit is on tonight, I think, unless there is election coverage. If there is I will probably watch one of the Lord of the Rings movies.. haven't watched them for awhile.
Has anyone tried the new Berry 7Up with vitamins? It is really good and not terribly sweet, I like it.
Well, that's my first entry. Hope you are still awake, LOL. And I hope you will come back and see me!

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