Saturday, November 20, 2004

Well I should be cleaning but thought I would post instead. No stitching done last night except a little more progress on my ornament.. I am hoping to get alot done this next week! I need to kit some things up today. Ooops I think I said that yesterday. Not much on TV last night, just a CSI Miami re-run which I fell asleep during. So I went to bed.
I don't remember if I mentioned, my good friend Wanda was at the antique shops the other day and picked up the cutest outfit for the baby. I don't think it's really an antique but it looks like it. I think we will use it for his baptism if it fits. This is great because dh was looking at Strasberg Children(or something like that) for a baptism outfit and even the clearance was expensive. Hanna was easy - she just wore my baptismal gown. I know boys wear gowns at baptisms sometimes but this one has pink trim. LOL And dh would have none of that, and I suppose I wouldn't either. hee hee.
I am so excited, we are going out for sushi tonight.. I have been craving it so much. But no worries, I won't eat the raw stuff only what's cooked. Can't risk it with the baby.
Well I suppose I better go make us some lunch and get back to cleaning. :-P Not sure if I will be on again til after next week, don't know if we will have internet access at the hotel.

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