Tuesday, November 16, 2004

It's a boy!(?)

Or at least we're pretty sure.. had the ultrasound today and everything looks good. :-) Hanna was pretty much devastated that she wasn't getting a little sister, there was a lot of tears but by the time I picked her up from school she seemed accustomed to the idea, thank goodness. I don't think I could go thru 6 months of that! It broke my heart! But of course everyone else is excited, esp. dh and my dad, who had about lost all hope of ever having a grandson!
Mom and Dad returned home today, which is always sad, but we had a good time. I'm thankful they got to be here for the ultrasound. I will post a pic or two of the ultrasound tomorrow, dh took them to work tonight. :-)


Jersey Mom said...

Congratulations Tracey! I'm happy to hear you're getting a boy - your DH must be soooo happy- esp if he bought the u/s photos with him to work! Sorry to hear your parents went home, hope you see them again soon! Love,

debbi said...

Tracey, when I was preg with #2, I wished it to be a girl and I was so devastated when they told me it was a boy. I thought I could will the baby to be a girl. Anyway, I'm glad that I got over it then and didn't carry the hope through 9 whole months. I love my little boy - now 12 and Hanna will feel the same when the baby gets here. She'll forget that she ever wanted a little sister!

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