Friday, January 14, 2005

Lesson of the day..

Wear a coat when it's raining even if it's warm outside. I speak from experience. This morning I was running late to get Hanna to school, so I walked her to the school gate w/my umbrella(she had a raincoat on) and was going to wait there and watch her til she got to her classroom(the door is outside.) Well the wind was blowing and it was pouring rain, so I thought I would walk to the car and watch her from in the car. Mind you I did NOT wear a jacket. So I am walking and a huge gust of wind blows my cheap umbrella inside out, I can't get it back down and I got soaking wet. I had to go home and change before work I was so wet. I think I will also invest in a better umbrella. :-P
Other than that today was ok..a lady visited us at work today that might be working with us part-time. I hope so as it will alleviate some of my worries for while I am out on maternity leave. She seems really nice.
I had been craving sushi again so I got some sushi take out for lunch, it was delish.. but next time I will ask for light ice in my drink, they filled it full of ice and there was hardly any Coke in there!! I hate that.
Dh has to work this weekend, I have plans to get things done around the house but we'll see how that goes. I need to go thru Hanna's old things still to see what I can keep for the baby and what I need to get rid of. We need all the room we can get. Well I am going to go stitch now, haven't gotten hardly any stitching in all day!

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