Sunday, January 09, 2005

a somewhat lazy Saturday yesterday..

I did get some laundry done(which reminds me I need to put a load in the dryer), Hanna and I went for a walk since it was so nice outside. Actually she rode her bike and I walked. Went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner, was pretty good, we hadn't been there for a while. Then we watched "Little Black Book", which was good, a lot of funny parts, but not the ending I expected. I was a little disappointed but I guess their ending was more realistic than the usual. I think we are watching "Troy" tonight. I can handle a couple of hours of Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom. :-) I have to go after church today to pick up some floss bags and groceries at Walmart. Otherwise not many plans for today. Hopefully I can finish the laundry and start going thru Hanna's closet, which I never did yesterday. I also have to get the box for the Christmas tree out so dh can put it away.. and such is my exciting life... lol

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