Monday, January 24, 2005


Looks like unkymoods is gone again. Wah. :-(

This past weekend was a movie weekend, we got coupons from Hollywood Video just in time for the weekend. Great timing. :-) So far I've watched "Without a Paddle" , which was better than I thought it would be, "The Forgotten" which was very good, and "Laws of Attraction" which was so cute! Tonight I am going to watch "The Stepford Wives." CSI:Miami is a rerun so that works out good.
I finally got the movie I won on ebay, they had told me it was mailed on the 4th and the postage label said Jan. 20, so I have emailed them and asked them about it, we'll see what they say. At least the movie was new like they said, still wrapped with the security stickers on it and everything.
I found a good home for Hanna's and my stuffed animals, the hospital will take them. They can't take anything but new ones for the children's ward but they do keep gently used ones to give to kids who might be visiting someone at the hospital and are upset, or something like that. That's cool. :-) I'm glad they will cheer someone up!
Not much else going on, I am hoping to have my Dad's Christmas present finished by the end of the week, I got quite a bit done on it at lunch today. I am going to work on either my L*K flip it or my ornament tonight.. not sure which, we'll see where my mood takes me when I get ready to stitch. :-)

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