Sunday, January 02, 2005

Haven't been on for a while.. thought I'd update. Friday dh worked an early shift so he was home in the evening, we went grocery shopping and Hanna and I went to church. I was so sleepy I didn't even make it til midnight once I got home. Dh played "james bond" on the game cube til 2:30 am, I doubt even realized when it was midnight, LOL.
Yesterday we went to Raleigh and I was hoping to go to the LNS there but they were closed for the holiday. :-( I was so disappointed as I have a gift certificate for the shop that's burning a hole in my pocket! On the up side we did some other shopping, I got my LOTR desk calendar at half price, got a couple of DVDs really cheap- Little Women(1994) and Double Jepoardy which I have been keeping an eye out for. Finally found it at Best Buy for $5.99! Can't beat that.
As far as stitching, have been plugging away at my dad's very late Christmas gift, I'm finally making some progress! Since I finished the baby gift I was working on I feel more motivated on this one, I guess cause it's not like anything I've ever done before. I have also started the Lizzie Kate flip-it blocks for March of last year, I want to catch up and finish all my L*K flip-its for last year. I need my dad to make me a frame so I can display them on my desk at work. I have a frame here that might work, I just have to check.
Well that's about it here right now, church service time has switched to 11:15 which I was so thankful for, but what difference does it make when Hanna wakes me up between 7 and 7:30 anyway? OH well....

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