Thursday, January 27, 2005

getting on my soapbox..

Wow. today at work my boss was listening to Rush Limbaugh and Rush was playing sound bites from Katie Couric's special on teens and sex. What a bunch of dingbats I did hear. These girls were saying they or they're "friends" give guys oral sex as an excuse not to have actual intercourse. HELLO. If a guy is going to dump you because you won't give him any he IS NOT WORTH IT. DUH. I speak from experience, because even though I may be telling too much about myself. I did not have sex in high school. And it was not because I didn't date any guys who didn't want it from me. I told them up front I wouldn't and if they didn't like it they could go. No hard feelings. I am saddened to hear that the self-esteem of girls is so low today that they feel they have to put out to keep a boyfriend. I hope I can raise Hanna, and our soon-to-be born son for that matter, better than that. What I heard to day made me sad and also scared me a bit. Someone needs to knock some sense into those girls. OK I will get down of my soapbox now. Just had to vent.
The day was fairly uneventful.. still doing some catching up at work but am making progress. Didn't get any stitching done today so far. At lunch I had an Avon order to deliver and took the stuffed animals to the hospital for the kids that visit. Also made a trip to the bank. Came home, made dinner, and get this - dh actually complimented my cooking!!! I know that sounds so silly but he is the better cook of the two of us by far, and he never insults my cooking but I know it's not the greatest. And tonight he told me more than once that it was really good. From him that is a big compliment cause he knows his way around a kitchen.
Well I better get off of here. Laundry and stitching calls!

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Leeny said...

hee hee...i see u've found some kao-ani and having some fun with them. enjoy, they're real cute!

eileen :)

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