Tuesday, January 11, 2005


What's up with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston breaking up? It is so sad. Usually I don't care about celeb couples but I really liked them together. :-( I hope they work things out.
Speaking of Mr. P, watched "Troy" the other night.. what a hottie. I think he should keep his hair long all the time. Orlando Bloom and Eric Bana weren't hard to look at either! I did keep falling asleep tho, I was so tired. The battel scenes kind of bored me unless it was two people one on one. I don't know why cause the battle scenes in LOTR didn't bore me. Maybe cause I was more emotionally attached to the characters.
Kind of a blah night tonight, dh stayed home and took a vacation day, I was looking forward to a night of family fun like playing the Scooby game or something but he's watching an old movie on TV, Hanna is upstairs watching TV in our room, and I just finished a ton of dishes and I guess will stitch when I am done on the computer. So much for quality family time. My feet and legs hurt so I think the dishes are the only housework I'm doing tonight. My ankles are getting swollen. :-(
I had all these things I was going to blog about once I got on here that I thought of at work, now that I'm home I can't think of anything!
We are getting an Asian bistro down the street from my job, I'm curious to see what it's going to be like. I hope it's good, I could use a good Asian place closeby. Unfortunately they took away a really good cheesesteak place to put it in. Fortunately there are several other locations of that cheesesteak chain in town. :-) But that one was in walking distance from work which was nice.
I am finally making progress on my dad's very late Christmas gift, got some done at lunch today. I think I am going to work on my flip-it tonight.
Well that's about it here.. sorry so depressing! Must be having a mood swing. TTFN!


Jersey Mom said...

Sorry it's boring on family night, but at least everyone is safe and sound at home!
Hope you have a good stitching night!

debbi said...

Gotta comment on Brad & Jen. Yeah! What's up with that? It must have something to do with 1.) her working and not starting a family which he really wants 2.) him working and spending so much time away in Europe recently 3.) and the Angelina rumors that he's hot for her. Just ticks me off that no one can stick together. C'mon guys, if I can do it, you can do it. hugs, debbi

Jersey Mom said...

Sometimes people stick together who just shouldn't be together, life's too short to live in misery so if they weren't happy - I think they did the right thing. That being said, they were an adorable couple! I thought they were perfect for each other.

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