Thursday, January 06, 2005

Happy Epiphany!

Went to church tonight for Epiphany, what I heard of it was good but Hanna wouldn't be quiet. It was very frustrating. Then I got home to find the dog had gone thru every trash can he could get to, why I don't know because there wasn't any "food trash" in any of them. Then he had the nerve to snarl at me when I reprimanded him. If we had a doghouse he would be in it.
On the good side, had some time to kill after dinner and before church, so Hanna and I went to Michael's, I thought I'd see what was left of the Christmas clearance. Not much. But I was excited because I needed a new craft light and they had them on clearance for half off!! Yippee cause I still have batteries and bulbs from my old one that shorted out. This one I will keep the warranty info and receipt, if there is a warranty. Otherwise nothing new here.. work was somewhat slower so I got a little more done today, which was nice. Tomorrow will probably be busy since it's Friday, but it least it will be Friday!!! Dh has to work all weekend so I am hopefully going to go thru some of Hanna's old baby stuff and see what I can keep for her little brother and what I can get rid of. I will keep a few girl things just in case. :-)

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